Decided to stop wasting food? Want something that will keep your leftovers fresh? The WrapRound™ to the rescue. A pack of 3 waxed wraps to keep cold food fresh. Non-sticky, so leaves no waxy residue on your food, crockery or glassware. Reusable and washable so saves you money - and helps the planet. Wraps measure 20 x 20cm, 30 x 30cm and 35 x 35cm

Each WrapRound™ has a wooden toggle on cotton cord with a natural coconut button securing the cord to the Wrap.
You simply slip the cord round the bowl/dish, push the knot in the cotton cord to tighten the WrapRound™ and follow up by pushing the wooden toggle to secure it.  You'll know it's secure when you Tap The Wrap™ - it'll sound like a drum. 

Wash flat in cool water and washing-up liquid. Keep away from all sources of heat.
If used in an Omni kitchen don't wrap raw meat or fish in your Food Wrap as contact with these foods requires a high temperature washing to remove bacteria - and this would melt the wax. 

Available in these fabrics

"My husband, the cling film king has realised how great your wraps are!!! Uses them every day now for his pack up"

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