WrapRound™ - Keep cold food fresh with this reusable, waxed wrap Non-sticky, so leaves no waxy residue on your food, crockery or glassware.

Decided to stop wasting food? Want something that will keep your leftovers fresh? The WrapRound™ to the rescue.

It couldn't be easier to keep leftovers for another meal or snack.  This simple to use pack of 3 non-sticky, vegan, waxed wraps is ideal for wrapping all sorts of cold food to help keep it fresh in a range of dishes. They come in 3 sizes to fit a variety of dishes.

Each WrapRound™ has a wooden toggle on cotton cord with a natural coconut button securing the cord to the Wrap.
You simply slip the cord round the bowl/dish, push the knot in the cotton cord to tighten the WrapRound™ and follow up by pushing the wooden toggle to secure it.  You'll know it's secure when you Tap The Wrap™ - it'll sound like a drum. 

Add The WrapRound™ To Your Collection

Why Would You Choose A WrapRound™?

  • No more chucking money and food away
  • No more fighting with unruly cling film - just wrap, push the toggle and you're done
  • If making ethical choices is important to you, these are perfect as they contain no animal by-products
  • Ideal if you're allergic to beeswax wraps or bee by-products.
  • Makes a useful Eco-friendly gift for family and friends!
  • Easily clean your wraps - simply wash flat with cold water and washing-up liquid - keep away from heat, then just air dry.
  • Build your collection of my wraps, with matching funky fabrics.

For general information and care instructions of your Wraps please see. "V-Eco Wrap Facts."
CAUTION: My Wraps contain pine resin. If you are allergic to this DO NOT USE ANY WRAPS which contain it. If you are unsure please seek medical advice PRIOR to purchase.