No excuse now for letting food go to waste with the WindRound™ trio. 3 wraps in different sizes - ideal for cheese, sandwiches, pies, fruit etc Non-sticky, so leaves no waxy residue on your food. Reusable and washable so saves you money - and helps the planet. Wraps measure 20 x 20cm, 30 x 30cm and 35 x 35cm

So simple to use, these three vegan, waxed wraps are great for varying sizes or shapes of food.

  1. Just place your food in the middle of the wrap with the natural coconut buttons at the top and bottom
    2. Wrap the sides around your cheese, fruit, pie or whatever and bring the top and bottom up to the centre as if you're wrapping a gift
    3. Wind the cotton cord around the buttons in a figure of 8 and your food wil be held securely. 

Wash flat in cool water and washing-up liquid.  Keep away from all sources of heat.
If used in an Omni kitchen don't wrap raw meat or fish in your Food Wrap as contact with these foods requires a high temperature washing to remove bacteria - and this would melt the wax

Available in these fabrics

"I bought these a few months back at LABL Liverpool and LOVE them! I'm going to get another set. #nomoreclingfilm #reducewaste"

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