What Will Life Be Like With V-Eco?

With Your Food Wraps...

  • There'll be no more fighting with unruly cling film or cutting yourself on tinfoil or trying to seal unsealable bags!
  • You'll have less waste food as it stays fresh for longer than if it were unwrapped.
  • Foods like cheese won't, "sweat," like they do in clingfilm, so no slimy feel to them.
  • As my wraps are non-sticky, there'll be no waxy residue on your food or dishes, (as there is with other wraps) 
  • You'll save money in the long-run. How many rolls of clingfilm or tinfoil do you buy in a year and use only once?
  • Your reusable eco-friendly wraps will help you banish single use kitchen plastic from your kitchen for good.
  • You'll be able to use your wraps and pouches to wrap all sorts of cold food - they're so versatile.

With Your Pamper Packs...

  • You'll have water-repellent wraps and pouches in which to keep all sorts of cosmetics and toilteries dry.
  • You'll be helping the planet by using reusable face wipes instead of the single use type.
  • You'll be getting twice the wipe of other face wipes, as there's super soft bamboo on both sides, not just the one side as is usually the case.
  • You'll no longer have to use cling film or unsealable bags to hold your cosmetics.
  • You'll save yourself money in the long-run by using SoapSavers - not only will they help you conserve your soap and shampoo bars, but they'll also stop the wet bars ruining the rest of the contents of your toiletry bag.


  • Cleaning your wraps and pouches will be so easy - you'll simply wash them flat with cold water and washing-up liquid - keep them away from heat, then just air dry them.
  • You'll know that I understand that your ethical choices are important to you - your wraps and pouches contain no animal by-products such as beeswax, as the wax is plant-based.
  • You'll know that you're helping the planet by investing in wraps and pouches that are plastic-free - there's no plastic lining or fluff-attracting velcro fastening on your wraps or pouches.
  • Confidently use your V-Eco wraps and pouches, knowing that I only use premium ingredients in my wax infusion - food-grade candelilla wax, cold-pressed jojoba oil and natural pine resin. I could use cheaper ingredients but I would much rather offer you a quality product, than gain a fast buck.
  • You'll have an easy choice if you're looking to give an Eco-friendly gift to friends or family.