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MunchMedley with baguette and fruit in blue cats fabric

The MunchMedley™  makes the perfect lunch combo wrap set, offering a large ButtyWrap™  combined with a SnackPacket™

Variety of wraps from the KitchenKit pack, V-Eco Home

The KitchenKit™ is a 5 piece assortment of wraps is great value - 2 WindRound™ wraps, 2 WrapRound™ wraps and a SnackPacket™

V-Eco Food Wraps  - CutleryCaddy in Butterflies fabric with bamboo knife, fork and spoon

Only want to use your own utensils when you're out and about?  The CutleryCaddy™ is perfect - sturdy bamboo, full-size, washable & reusable

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The WindRound™ pack is perfect for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, fruit, pies etc. With 3 wraps per pack, they're great value!


The LoafLover™  is a giant amongst wraps! Perfect for keeping larger loaves fresh.  Makes an ideal gift for a bread maker!

V-Eco Food Wrapsâ„¢, WrapRoundâ„¢  on two dishes - one round, the other rectangular

The WrapRound™ is ideal for popping over bowls and jugs to keep cold food fresh. Now there's no reason to throw away leftovers

V-Eco Food Wraps, BaguetteBuddyâ„¢  - floral waxed food wrap with tomatoes and cheese

Looking for a wrap for your half-eaten baguettes? The BaguetteBuddy™ is the  perfect size for keeping all of your standard length stick fresh

PicnicPack  - a variety of food in fabric waxed wraps  with bamboo cutlery, glasses and a picnic hamper basket

Planning a picnic or just want a more co-ordinated look for your lunch on the patio? The PicnicPack™ totally fits the bill!

If Used In An Omni Kitchen Don't Wrap Raw Meat Or Fish As Contact With These Raw Foods Requires A High Washing Temperature To Remove Bacteria,Which Would Melt The Wax.

CAUTION: If You Are Allergic To Pine Resin DO NOT USE My Wraps. If You Are Unsure Please Seek Medical Advice PRIOR To Purchase.

V-Eco Food Wraps Daisy Logo

EASY TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN- No more fighting with unruly clingfilm or trying to seal, "Self-Seal" plastic bags. Perfect for wrapping a range of cold food. Leaves no waxy residue on crockery or glassware

V-Eco Food Wraps Daisy Logo

ECO-FRIENDLY & PLASTIC-FREE - no "wipe-clean" lining, no plastic buttons and no fluff-attracting Velcro fastening. Reusable-Washable - Save Money & The Environment. Comes In Compostable Packaging

V-Eco Food Wraps Daisy Logo

PERFECT FOR GIFTING A great gift for Eco-Conscious Foodies No beeswax used so suitable for all - perfect if you're allergic to beeswax wraps