V-Eco Home, trio of daisy logos in green, teal and pink

V-Eco Values

In all my efforts it is so important to me to be clear on my message, transparent in my dealings and fair in my treatment of those I do business with.

  • My over-riding aim is to offer you a quality handmade product that is value for money and helps reduce the amount of single use plastic in your home, landfill sites and the oceans.
  • As a small independent UK business, I appreciate the importance of buying as local as possible - I therefore buy all my supplies from UK wholesalers.  Some of my materials will have been sourced by them from outside the UK, but I am supporting British businesses and not adding to the world's air miles.
  • V-Eco products are handmade by me in the UK - neither imported nor out-sourced.- so I know what's gone into making them. If, in the future, I employ others, they will be based in the UK.
  • Each wrap, pouch, cover and bag is cut and waxed by me, by hand, as part of my small-batch artisan service.
  • I ONLY make vegan wraps - so there's no risk of cross-contamination with beeswax. I could make beeswax wraps alongside my vegan wraps, as other manufacturers do, but if you've read my V-Eco journey, you'll know why I don't. 
  • My Wraps, Pouches Covers and Bags are suitable for all types of home - vegan, vegetarian or omni.
  • I'm transparent about my vegan journey - I make vegan wraps, but I'm not yet vegan. (I've come a long way from being a full-on carni but I'm still on my journey to veganism - read about my journey here)
  • I use only 3 natural ingredients for my wax infusion on my products - premium candelilla wax, cold-pressed jojoba oil and food-grade pine resin - it's so important to me to use quality ingredients so that I can offer you a premium product.
  • I've tested many different permutations of wax, oil and resin to ensure I have the best blend that is most effective.
  • I offer generously sized Wraps and accurate descriptions..  
  • I ensure all my products are professionally finished to ensure the edges don't fray - I could just pink them as other manufacturers do, but I'd rather make a premium product than gain a fast buck
  • All the packaging I use is biodegradable or recyclable