The Wax Wrap Maker - #Easy Gifts For The Eco Conscious

#EcoCraftingForThe EcoConscious

Looking for an ideal gift for an Eco Crafter? Want to make your own waxed wraps? Want to rid your kitchen of single-use plastic? Want to be part of the solution regarding our Ocean and Landfill problems? Welcome to The Wax Wrap Maker™ Kit

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Great to have you join me in my quest to reduce single-use kitchen plastic! Vegan waxed food wraps are a brilliant alternative to cling film and sandwich bags. They help to reduce the amount of single-use plastic ending up in the ocean and landfill and, as there's no beeswax used, they harm no animals. Washable in cold water with washing-up liquid and reusable, your WindRound™ wraps will not only save you money, but also help the planet. I’ve been successfully making and selling my non-sticky, vegan waxed food wraps for several years and now want to share my secrets of successful wraps with you, so that you can also become a Wax Wrap Maker. *PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S KIT*

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What's In The Kit?

In putting this kit together I wanted to make it easy for you to get the best results. So, you'll be using the same fabric, cords and buttons that I use to make my Vegan Waxed Wraps. Also included in the kit are specifically measured, individual wax discs that I've handmade, according to my unique non-sticky recipe.  There's also my comprehensive, full-colour instruction booklet. To top it off, I've even included a sewing kit, a hanging kit and a cotton bag in which to store your wraps!
All you need to provide is a basic iron and a hard surface.

The WindRound™ wrap - so simple to use:

1. Place your sandwich, fruit, cheese etc in the middle of the WindRound™ wrap with the natural coconut buttons at the top and bottom.
2. Fold the sides over the food and wrap as if you were wrapping a gift.
3. Bring the buttoned sides together into the middle and wind the cotton cord around the coconut buttons in a figure of 8.
Wash your wraps flat in cool water and washing-up liquid. Keep away from all sources of heat and leave to dry naturally.

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  • WindRound - Geometric Aqua 3
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    Make Your Own WindRound™ Wraps With The Wax Wrap Maker™ £30 for a full kit which includes all the components I use in my wrap-making

    Decide which of these funky fabrics you'd like your MYO WindRound™ kit in. Then simply click the button on the right, select your fabric from the drop-down list on the next page and make your purchase. *PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CHILDREN'S KIT*