SoapSaver™- 2 pack


Why would you have sopping soap and shampoo bars messing up your toiletry bag when you can keep everything dry and pristine? Let SoapSaver™ save the day. This cute little wrap is ideal when you're travelling and don't want your toiletries and cosmetics turned into a gungy mess. Reusable, washable, saves you money - and helps the planet. The SoapSaver™ comes as a pack of 2 with different designs so that you can tell your soap bar from your shampoo bar. Each wrap measures 20cm x 20cm

Decide which of these beautiful fabric combos you'd like your SoapSaver™ duo pack made in. Then simply click the button on the right, select your fabric from the drop-down list on the next page and make your purchase

Choose EITHER Butterflies OR Flamingos

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So simple to use:
1. Place your soap/shampoo bar in the middle of the wrap with the natural coconut buttons at the top and bottom.
2. Fold the sides over the bar and wrap as if you were wrapping a gift.
3. Bring the buttoned sides together into the middle and wind the cotton cord around the coconut buttons in a figure of 8.
Wash wrap flat in cool water and washing-up liquid. Keep away from all sources of heat.