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Looking for a reusable, washable alternative to unruly clingfilm and un-sealable sandwich bags? Looking for wraps that are suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians and meat-eaters? Look no further...

Vegan Or Non-Vegan Wraps?

Seems like an odd question for a website selling vegan wraps, doesn't it?.  It is if you go on the assumption that I'm vegan -  I'm not - yet. There, I've said it.  It's out there. Why am I telling you this?  I simply believe it's best to be up-front from the start.  If you're a vegan reading this, I hope, if nothing else, you'll appreciate my honesty. 
I'd like to say thank you to all the vegans I've met so far on this journey. Thank you for not being judgmental and instead encouraging and supporting me. 
So, why have I chosen vegan wraps rather than beeswax wraps?  The answer is so simple.......

Yellow daisy gingham WrapRound V-Eco Food Wrap
Sliced lemons.  All yellow except for one which is pink
V-Eco Food Wraps - a premium version of waxed wrap

Aren't All Wax Wraps The Same?

No, I'm afraid not. You've probably come across waxed food wraps on vast American online shopping sites, or at craft fairs, selling for next-to-nothing.  Yes they are all similar - they keep food fresh - they're made with beeswax - they have a limited life-span - they're imported etc.

V-Eco Food Wraps are not like all those other waxed wraps.  When you buy a premium product you expect  significant differences.....


17 April

Manchester Vegan Market

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Chester Vegan Market

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