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Soap Saver™ -  Perfect for keeping wet soap & shampoo bars away from the rest of your toiletries. Why would you have sopping soap and shampoo bars messing up your toiletry bag when you can keep everything dry and pristine? Let SoapSaver™ save the day.
Simple to use, this petite, vegan, waxed wrap is ideal when you're travelling and don't want your toiletries and cosmetics a gungy mess.It works on the same principle as the ButtyWrap - just on a smaller scale.
1. Pace your soap/shampoo bar in the middle of the wrap with the natural coconut buttons at the top and bottom.
2. Fold the sides over the bar and wrap as if you were wrapping a gift.
3. Bring the buttoned sides together into the middle and wind the cotton cord around the coconut buttons in a figure of 8.

Brighten your toiletry bag with our funky fabrics - suitable for kids and adults.  Each 2-pack has different designs so you can tell your soap from your shampoo bar.  For general information regarding my  Wraps please see. "MyWrap Facts."  

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What Would Life Be Like With A SoapSaver™?

  • No more soapy gungy messes to clean out of the bottom of your toiletry bag.
  • No more fighting with unruly cling film to try to contain slithery soap
  • Easily secure your toiletry bars until you need them.
  • If making ethical choices is important to you, this is perfect as it contains no animal by-products
  • Ideal if you're allergic to beeswax wraps or bee by-products.
  • Makes a useful Eco-friendly gift for family and friends!
  • Help the planet by investing in an eco wrap that's completely plastic-free - there's no nylon lining or velcro fastening on your wrap, just natural coconut buttons and cotton cord.
  • Confidently use my wraps, knowing that I only use premium ingredients in my wax infusion - food-grade candelilla wax, cold-pressed jojoba oil and natural pine resin. I could use cheaper ingredients but prefer to offer you a quality product
  • Save yourself some money. No having to buy clingfilm or plastic bags every time you go on holiday or a business trip. Banish it for good with this reusable eco wrap.
  • Wrap all sorts of small toilteries - not just soap or shampoo.
  • Easily clean your wrap - simply wash flat with cold water and washing-up liquid - keep away from heat, then just air dry.
  • Build your collection of my wraps, with matching funky fabrics

For general information and care instructions of your Wraps please see. "V-Eco Wrap Facts."
CAUTION: My Wraps contain pine resin. If you are allergic to this DO NOT USE ANY WRAPS which contain it. If you are unsure please seek medical advice PRIOR to purchase.