MunchMedley™ - for the perfectly wrapped packed lunch. to keep your lunch/snack/treat fresh with the least fuss. Non-sticky, so leaves no waxy residue on your food. Reusable and washable so saves you money - and helps the planet Comprises a NEW LARGER SIZE vegan-waxed ButtyWrap™ (35 X 35cm) and a 15cm SnackPacket™

Decide which of these beautiful fabrics you'd like your MunchMedley™ made in. Then simply click the button on the right, select your fabric from the drop-down list on the next page and make your purchase

Wash all contents flat in cool water and washing-up liquid. Keep away from all sources of heat.
If used in an Omni kitchen don't wrap raw meat or fish in your Food Wrap as contact with these foods requires a high temperature washing to remove bacteria - and this would melt the wax.