Looking for a lightweight eco-friendly cutlery set? CutleryCaddy™ - the bamboo cutlery solution for al fresco dining. The CutleryCaddy™ contains a knife. fork and spoon in a vegan waxed, washable pouch - all of which is plastic-free, sustainable and durable - perfect on a picnic, on your patio or on your lunch plate at work.

  1. Both cutlery & pouch are easy to clean - the cutlery is washed in hot soapy water (don't leave to soak) & the pouch goes in cold water with washing-up liquid (don't put in hot water - the wax will melt).
  2. Securing the cutlery in the pouch couldn't be easier, you simply fold the top over the cutlery inside and wind the cotton cord round the pouch and then finish by winding it round the coconut button.

    If used in an Omni kitchen don't allow pouch to come into contact with raw meat or fish as contact with these foods requires a high temperature washing to remove bacteria - and this would melt the wax.

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