Waxed, vegan wraps - the Eco alternative to clingfilm, tinfoil & sandwich bags.

image of ButtyWrap, WrapRound and SoapSaver from V-Eco Food Wraps

Suitable For All - Vegan, Veggies, Flexis, Omnis. (Do not use on raw meat or fish)

Eco-Friendly-No Velcro Or Other Plastic Used For Fastenings

Reusable-Comes In Compostable Packaging-Save Money & The Environment

A Practical Gift For Foodie Fans & The Eco-Conscious

Ideal For People Allergic To Beeswax Wraps.

Just 3 Natural Ingredients In Our Special Blend

Easy To Use-Easy To Clean-Comes With Storage Bag

One Waxed Piece- No Plastic Lining-No Worry About It Ripping