Waxed, vegan wraps - the Eco alternative to clingfilm, tinfoil & sandwich bags.

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Perfect for packed lunches & picnics

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Keep cold food fresh

SoapSavers by V-Eco Food Wraps


No mess from wet soap or shampoo bars

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Customers Say.....

Why Choose V-Eco Food Wraps?

A Practical Gift For Foodie Fans & The Eco-Conscious. Perfect For Wrapping A Range Of Cold Food To Keep It Fresh. (Do not use on raw meat or fish). Suitable For All - Vegan, Veggies, Flexis, Omnis. Ideal For People Allergic To Beeswax Wraps.

Eco-Friendly-Reusable-Comes In Compostable Packaging No Velcro Or Other Plastic Used For Fastenings. Save Money & The Environment - How Many Rolls Of Clingfilm, Tinfoil Or Packs Of Sandwich Bags Do You Buy In A Year?

Just 3 Natural, Premium Quality Ingredients In Our Special Wax Blend. One Waxed Piece- No Plastic Lining-No Worry About It Ripping. Contains No Animal By-Products

Easy To Use - No More Fighting With Clingfilm Or Trying To Seal, "Self-Seal" Plastic Bags Easy To Clean - Just Cold Water And Washing Up Liquid Not Sticky - Leaves No Residue On Crockery Or Glassware

CAUTION: If You Are Allergic To Pine Resin DO NOT USE My Wraps. If You Are Unsure Please Seek Medical Advice PRIOR To Purchase.

If Used In An Omni Kitchen Don't Wrap Raw Meat Or Fish As Contact With These Raw Foods Requires A High Washing Temperature To Remove Bacteria - And This Would Melt The Wax.